Monday, April 30, 2012

Finally Here!

I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but never did anything about it until today.  I have decided it will be my way of sharing my life with you.  What a better way to start, than with the past week....
Last Tuesday, Ethan decided to "swing" from the shower head.  It's a handheld showerhead and the plastic clip that connected it to track broke off.  Jerrud went looking for a new clip everywhere (even Lowe's).  We decided to get a whole new showerhead and assembly....$80.00. 

When I was pulling into Laura's house to sew last Wednesday, Jerrud called me.  "Well, when I was changing the shower out, I cracked the tub surround.  I could not just remove the old one because the screws were stripped and had to use a recip saw to remove it."   New tub surround....$159.00.

Later in the evening as I was sewing, I got another phone call from Jerrud, "On your way home from work, can you stop by Menards and grab all purpose joint compound, ah lid.  and a taping knife.  I found the old soap dish and there are some big holes behind this old surround ( our walls are plaster)".  additional supplies......$20.00

We finally get everything fixed, glued and secured into place.  I love it.  It makes the bathroom look bigger.  We originally wanted to do tile, but "spur of the moment" it looks great!  So, Ethan's little 98 cent discontinued part ended up costing us $300.00 and 5 days worth of work.  I was upset at first, but my bathroom looks so much better than before, I guess now I can say "Thanks Ethan".